Name: Nicholas
Gender: Male
Acquired: Dec 24 2002 (Stranded)

Facility ID #: Unk.
NOAA #: Unk.
N.A. Studbook #: N/A

Species: Bottlenose Dolphin
(Tursiops truncatus)

Photo © John Jacobsen

Nicholas was named as a result of the date he stranded on, Christmas Eve, in reference to "St. Nick".


Dec 24 2002 - present : Clearwater Marine Aquarium


Photo © St. Petersburg Times Nicholas stranded on Christmas Eve, 2002 with his mother, named Noelle. Both dolphins came ashore at Bullfrog Creek in Hillsborough County, Florida. They both sustained severe sunburns and Noelle later died on Dec 27 2002 as a result of infections from those sunburns. At the time of her death Nicholas was still nursing and needed round-the-clock care.

Due to his young age and dependancy on his mother at the time of his stranded, Nicholas has been deemed unreleasable by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).


Nicholas has not reproduced. In the event animals are added to his family group this table will be updated.

Mother: Wild (Noelle)
Father: Wild
Full Siblings: None Known
Half-Siblings (Maternal): None Known
Half-Siblings (Paternal): None Known
Daughters: None Known
Sons: None Known
Grand Daughters: None Known
Grand Sons: None Known


Photo © John Jacobsen, 2008


Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Official Website
Saving Nicholas - St. Petersburg Times, Jan 19 2003
Getting Back to His Nature - St Petersburg Times, Jun 06 2003

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